We provide a place for youth to find meaningful volunteer experiences. We help youth make a difference and be active, caring citizens. We support youth in building valuable skills for future employment. We give youth a voice. We grow young people’s understanding of the community. We build Calgary’s leaders of today and tomorrow.












  • Youth Week

    Host a Youth Week 2015 Event!

    Are you a student, a member of a club, or teacher at a school? A member of an organization or work at a store? Want to get involved with Youth Week, which runs from April 26-May 3, 2015? Host an event...

  • LOL Poster

    MYC Challenges You to Put Away Your Phone!

    The Alberta government has made distracted driving it’s traffic safety focus for February and our Mayor’s Youth Council is continuing their campaign against distracted driving by challengi...

  • Morgan

    Volunteer in Profile: Morgan Weatherbie

    Morgan started volunteering with us in 2013, primarily as a member of our TD Youth Earth Ambassadors. In the summer of 2014, Morgan was a regular volunteer at Winsport‘s summer camp, assisting i...

  • MayorforaDay

    Mayor for a Day 2015

    Will you be the 2015 Mayor for a Day?   A project of Youth Central’s Mayor’s Youth Council, related to the Mayor’s Civic Engagement Committee’s 3 Things for Calgary Initiative (http://www...

  • bilal_khan

    Alumni in Profile: Bilal Khan

    What was your involvement with Youth Central? I was a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council for 4 years (grade 9-12), and co-chair of various committees for the last two.   What did you learn...

  • YouthCentral Annual Report

    Youth Central Annual Report

    Youth Central would like to announce the release of its 2013/2014 Annual Report, including audited financial statements. The report is online this year, in order to reduce printing costs and make it e...

  • medals

    RACE to Nominate

    Ready. Set. RACE to Nominate!   Each year our generous sponsors at ConocoPhillips Canada offer a cash incentive for local schools to compete for the most YODA nominations.   1st Place: $1000...

  • edwardphoto

    Alumni in Profile: Edward Choi

    Edward Choi is a former Youth Central Board member and was a dedicated volunteer throughout high school. Find out what he’s up to now! What was your involvement with Youth Central? I volunteered...