Calgary Youth Foundation Grant Application

Calgary Youth Foundation Grant Application


The Calgary Youth Foundation (CYF) was created in 1994 as the first of its kind in Canada.  Consisting of Calgary youth ages 12-18, CYF raises and distributes funds to youth-initiated projects. It’s about getting money to help make your ideas happen!

Projects should be:

  • located in Calgary or surrounding area
  • directly benefit youth who live in Calgary or the surrounding area
  • planned and implemented by youth (we give priority to youth-initiated projects, although some adult support is welcome).

We give projects up to $2,000 per project, per year

We do NOT fund:

–       for-profit ventures or individuals

–       conference fees or tuition costs

Name of Group or Organization
Contact Name
Phone Number
Name of Project
Total Cost of Project
Amount Requested (Maximum of $2,000)
What are you planning to accomplish?
Who will benefit from your great idea?
How will you accomplish your goals?
How are youth involved in the planning and running of your project?
What is the timetable for your project? What happens when?
What outcomes are you expecting? How will you measure your success?
Do you have any other sources of funding?
How will the Calgary Youth Foundation be recognized (i.e. acknowledgement on printed materials, banners at events, etc.)?
List each item in your budget as follows: Item, Description/Purpose, Amount.
How did you hear about this grant opportunity?