Youth Central strives to support youth in their pursuit to make a difference in the Calgary community. Each year, we work with over 1,400 young people to contribute more than 32,000 volunteer hours to the Calgary Community through collaborating organizations. To see a list of our collaborating organizations, click here.
Collaborating with Youth Central offers numerous benefits:


Volunteer Recruitment Services

Collaborating organizations can submit unlimited group volunteer requests through the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) Program (Youth Central requires advance notification of all volunteer requests; projects are subject to approval).

We post the opportunity on our database and recruit the volunteers for you.

We will also assign a Youth Central staff member (referred to as a Team Leader) who will be responsible for the Youth Central volunteers during the shift but also act as your liaison to ensure all required information is passed along to the volunteers in advance.


Youth Engagement and Marketing Workshops

Youth Central is a leader in youth engagement.  Our youth have been recognized with local and national awards.  Our alumni are doing amazing things in their respective fields.  Most importantly, we’ve created a culture where youth and adults work together.

Collaborating organizations will receive a discount on current and future workshops including:

  • The Basics of Engaging Youth and Developing a Youth Council
  • Creating Meaningful Volunteer Projects
  • Marketing to Youth

Taught by a Youth Central staff member, organizations will learn the skills to effectively incorporate youth into their mission and mandate. For more information about these workshops, click here.


Consulting Services

There can be pitfalls when it comes to youth program development. Let us help you avoid them by learning from our successes and mistakes.

We can work one on one with you to help build successful youth volunteer programs from the ground up. Email for an initial appointment.


Collaborating Organization Fee Structure

Our collaborating organization fees are based upon an organization’s annual operating budget.

Budgets less than $250,000/year: $50.00/year

Budgets between $250,000 – $500,000/year: $100/year

Budgets over $500,000/year: $150/year