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Youth Central is a charitable non-profit organization founded in 1992.  Through our eight different programs, Youth Central offers volunteer and leadership opportunities to youth aged 12-18. Our goal as an organization is to change the perception of youth in our communities by giving youth the tools and support they need to become engaging, empathetic and caring citizens with a sense of ownership and responsibility. We support youth in building valuable skills for future employment, give youth a voice, and grow youth’s understanding of their community. We are building Calgary’s leaders of today and tomorrow.


Inspiring, engaging, and celebrating youth through community participation. 


All youth participate in shaping a vibrant community. 


We believe that youth are awesome!

We honour the power of the youth voice and the importance of youth in our society. 

We value a community in which all youth are respected and encouraged to be active citizens. 

We value the diversity, skills, creativity, and talents of our volunteers, participants, and staff. 

We value community partnerships that align with our vision and mission. 

Lisa Shin, Youth Volunteer Corps

Volunteering is not a one-sided benefit; it benefits everyone, the volunteer, the organization, the people volunteered for, and greater society. It is a unique experience that you can only have when you bring compassion and appreciation for other people while giving your own time and energy.
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I’ve been involved with Youth Central since 2014, and have contributed over 500 hours to the Youth Volunteer Corps program. I was a senior volunteer in 2017, am currently a member of the YVC Steering Committee and was also selected to take part in the YVC Summit in South Carolina!

My favourite experiences with Youth Central has been the events I’ve been able to help plan with other youth on our own, like the YVC graduation party, Alumni panel and various fundraisers. Youth Central staff help us tremendously in creating events and ensuring they’re successful – I think it’s uncommon to receive such support
anywhere else.

Being part of Youth Central has taught me to become a leader in my own way. I’ve learned to listen to other people, create a comfortable environment for them, initiate conversations and become an encouraging team player. Youth Central has also taught me how privileged and lucky I am. Through volunteering, I’ve interacted with people from all kinds of backgrounds and became educated through experience.

After high school, I plan to study science and business. I also want to get into the medical field, and I know that will involve some volunteering. I love working with kids, and I hope that my future career includes meeting and working with kids.

Amy Han, TD Youth Earth Ambassadors

Being able to volunteer with Youth Central has really helped me reach my goals and has given me the chance to put my time into helping the community.
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I’ve been involved with Youth Central as a program committee member of the TD Youth Earth Ambassadors, Mayor’s Youth Council and Youth Volunteer Corps since 2016.

I’ve really enjoyed my time as a member of the TD Youth Earth Ambassadors. A couple of my favourite memories were created at the Vegetarian Cook-Off we’ve hosted for the past two years. I really enjoyed spending time with the chefs, seeing other youth participate and learning about sustainable cooking. Another highlight of my time with Youth Central was volunteering for the City of Calgary compost bin project. It was really fun being able to spend time at the warehouse and meet new people.

Being able to volunteer with Youth Central has really helped me reach my goals and given me the chance to put my time into helping the community. It makes me feel good knowing that I put my time and energy into a good cause.

In the future, I’d like to study computer science. Youth Central has helped me meet a lot of new people interested in all sorts of topics including politics, biology, and technology – some of who influenced my decision to continue to pursue my passion of technology after high school.

Savanna Sturm, Outreach

Youth Central has given me the opportunity to take initiative and realize I want to help people that have been in the positions I have.
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In 2015, I started volunteering as a member of the Marlborough Discovering Choices Youth Council, which is a partnership program between Youth Central’s Outreach Program ad Discovering Choices Schools. Since I began, I’ve contributed over 80 volunteer hours.


One of my favourite experiences with Youth Central was receiving the Perseverance award at the Youth of Distinction Awards in 2017. I was really proud of myself on that day, and it showed me that It’s possible to overcome hardships and become a better person.

Being involved with Youth Central has brought me out of my shell, and has helped me become a contributing member of my community. I’ve been able to build positive relationships with people and develop the key traits to becoming a leader. Youth Central gave me the chance to find out who I am and what I want to be
remembered for.

In the future, I hope to attend Mount Royal University for social work. My goal is to become someone who will make a difference in the world.

Henry Su, Alumna

My experience at Youth Central gave me the confidence to lead teams, communicate effectively, and structure my problem-solving.
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I began volunteering with Youth Central in 2010 and became an alumna in 2013. During my time at Youth Central, I was a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council and Youth Volunteer Corps. I continued to stay involved with Youth Central as a Team Leader for the Youth Volunteer Corps program, an alumni panelist, consultant for alumni engagement strategy, and now as a board member.

My favourite memory at Youth Central was the Calgary Youth Volunteer Fair, which I helped plan with the Mayor’s Youth Council. I remember nervously walking into the Calgary municipal building, carrying a bag full of textbooks from classes earlier in the day. The atrium was neatly lined with booths – volunteers from various agencies were setting up posters and tri-folds. This was the first annual Calgary Youth Volunteer Fair, and we, the organizing team, were uncertain of the turnout to expect. 

Gradually, students began to filter in, grabbing cardboard passports to collect stamps from each agency they spoke with. Before long, the atrium was buzzing with activity. In all, we connected 150+ students to over a dozen organizations. But beyond numbers, it was the excitement and energy in the air which made this experience truly meaningful.

My experience at Youth Central gave me the confidence to lead teams, communicate effectively, and structure my problem-solving. These skills were important assets in the professional roles I took. In my current work, I act as a trusted advisor to senior management in industry, often in a standalone capacity. Youth Central equipped me with the leadership tools required to be effective in this role.

Significant Events

  • Jessica Vu receives award and scholarship

    Jessica Vu received the Youth Volunteer Corps Legacy Award for volunteering over 1,500 hours in support of Calgary communities. She also received the Youth Volunteer Corps Don and Jean Sloan Scholarship of $1,000.

  • YAA Open Mic Night

    Youth Are Awesome held it's first open mic night at Cafe Koi. The event attracted over 18 youth poets, musicians, and performers.

  • Community Collaboration Event

    We held our first Community Collaboration Event for existing and potential collaborating organizations. The event attracted over 20 agencies.

  • Little Free Libraries

    On YVC Day, our Youth Volunteer Corps Steering Committee got a little messy making 10 little free libraries for community associations around Calgary.

  • Youth Town Hall

    Our Mayor's Youth Council held it's first Town Hall with City Councillor Joe Magliocca. The event was a great success, attracting over 100 high school students with questions on politics and social issues in Calgary.

  • CYF Survey finds positive stats

    With the help of NRG Research Group, our Calgary Youth Foundation conducted a survey on youth philanthropy. Of the youth surveyed, 50% of Youth Central volunteers strongly agree that they will continue to volunteer after high school.

  • YVC Summit

    Eight representatives (six being youth) from Youth Central attended the Youth Volunteer Corps Summit in Charleston, South Carolina. 25 Affiliates from across North America attended.

  • Penny joins the YVC board

    Penny became a board member of the Youth Volunteer Corps, representing Youth Central as a model affiliate organization and strengthening our relationship with YVC headquarters.

  • MYC Art Contest

    Our Mayor's Youth Council held it's first art contest with the theme ``Calgary``. They received 26 entries, and the winning pieces were displayed in City Hall.

Atharva Kulkarni, Calgary Youth Foundation

I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces after I help them with something. I think volunteering regardless of the intentions of the volunteer genuinely has the ability to help. And I think that fact in and of itself is why I have a moral obligation to volunteer, and I do.
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I’ve been involved with the Calgary Youth Foundation and the Youth Volunteer Corps for three years.

One of my favourite experiences with Youth Central was the bag stuffing project where we had to help the City of Calgary roll out the green cart program. It was a lot of hard work, but I got to meet a lot of new people and formed relationships with Youth Central volunteers I’d never had a chance to work with before. The project itself was repetitive and tiring, but I took a lot away from it and it was actually pretty fun.

Being involved with Youth Central has helped me develop skills I wouldn’t have been able to learn anywhere else.

The structure of the program has allowed me to volunteer for a bunch of different projects, at times that are convenient for me – which doesn’t normally happen with regular volunteer roles.

After high-school, I plan to attend university for engineering or physics. Though Youth Central may not have directly impacted this decision for me, it’s certainly helped me develop a network of people that have contributed to the choices I’ve made. In the future, I’ll continue to be a philanthropist and volunteer because of the values and ideals that Youth Central has instilled in me.

Asher Nyhoff, Mayor’s Youth Council

To volunteer is to support the community, support others, and support a sense of service within myself.
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I’ve been a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council since 2015, and I’m currently serving as a Co-Chair for the council in the Connections and Opportunities committee.

One of my favorite experiences with Youth Central has been serving specific groups of youth in Calgary that are often disenfranchized from the majority of initiatives and opportunities provided by local organizations. From the data the Mayor’s Youth Council collected in a survey, I’ve learned how to adapt our initiatives to best encourage and engage all youth in Calgary.

The Mayor’s Youth Council has allowed me to develop the confidence and skill set necessary to create change.

Not only have I been able to help plan and host major events and initiatives for youth in Calgary, but I’ve also met and learned from inspiring peers and mentors.

Volunteering is a way for me to express the gratitude I have toward Calgary. The mentors at Youth Central have shaped the person I am today. To volunteer is to support the community, support others, and support a sense of service within myself.

As I pursue post-secondary education, I’ll retain the core values of service, leadership, 
and integrity bolstered by my involvement in Youth Central’s programs.


Youth Central’s 26th year was a pivot from celebrating the past. We focused on supporting and building our team and improving leadership capacity so that the next 25 years see even greater community impact.

2018 was a year of growth for our board of directors. We welcomed Yisha Pang (also our new Treasurer), Sarah Pervez, Bryce Kapsha, Fazilah Shariff and Jennifer Acevedo. They joined our dynamic board, which includes Mathew Burpee (Vice Chair), Julianne Rohel (Secretary), Derek Fraser, Dean Koeller, Jeff Lowe and Elizabeth Lunney. Our strengthened team was then able to turn to governance and leadership development efforts (for both staff and the board), which will continue to be a strategic priority for 2019.

We also said goodbye to Russell Anderson, who served as our Treasurer, and longtime director Dean Allatt, who has been with Youth Central, in a variety of capacities, since 1998. We’re incredibly thankful for their service and passion for the organization.

This year the organization engaged over 1,100 youth.  These young people generously gave 31,000 volunteer hours to the Calgary community and helped 90 community agencies meet their missions and support their clients. 

This year Youth Central also conducted an online survey of Calgary youth to obtain an understanding of local trends in volunteering and philanthropy. The information from this study will enable us to improve our programming and ensure our young volunteers continue to have a massive impact on the city.

Another high point – our Executive Director and founder Penny Hume was asked to join the international board of directors of the Youth Volunteer Corps. The YVC is a network of affiliated organizations across the U.S. and Canada (including Youth Central) that engage youth ages 11-18 in team-based, structured, diverse, flexible service-learning opportunities.

2018 was a critical year in preparing our organization to position Youth Central as an even more serious, impactful force for good in Calgary and beyond. We’re focused on encouraging and developing young volunteers and leaders like never before. Great things are ahead for 2019!

Matt Grant
Chair, Board of Directors
Youth Central


The Youth Central Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the mission and vision of Youth Central are being fulfilled through strong leadership, effective planning, and sound fiscal management. Thank you to the Youth Central Board of Directors for their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm.

Board Chair: Matt Grant – Government Affairs Strategist – Prairies, Enbridge Inc.
Vice Chair: Mathew Burpee, CA, CFA – Managing Director, Kepler Capital Corporation
Treasurer: Yisha Pang, CA – Senior Advisor Financial Reporting, Enbridge Inc.
Secretary: Julianne Rohel – Strategic HR Specialist

Derek Fraser, CFRE – President, iDophilanthropy
Bryce Kapsha – Relationship Coordinator, Benevity
Dean Koeller – President, Calvert Home Mortgage Investments Corporation
Jeff Lowe – VP Marketing, SMART Technologies
Elizabeth Lunney – Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Matco Financial Inc.
Sarah Pervez – Principal Consultant, Community Voices Consulting Inc.
Fazilah Shariff – Health Administration Professional
Henry Su – Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company

If you’re interested in joining the Board of Directors or would like to reach a specific Board Member,
please contact Lisa Kindree at 403-266-5448 or



Penny Hume

Co-Executive Director

Lisa Kindree

Co-Executive Director

Ros Doi

Program Director

Sylvia Galica

Outreach Program Coordinator

Michelle Hodgins

Program Coordinator

Peony Wong

Program Coordinator

Victoria Stosky

Program Coordinator

Danni Bauer

Education Coordinator

Sasha Tomchuk

Communications Coordinator

Collaborating Organizations

Alberta Cancer Foundation

Antyx Community Arts Society

Arbour Lake Residents Association

Arusha Centre (Open Streets Calgary)

Auburn Bay Community Association

Auburn Bay Residents Association


Bethany Care Calgary

Between Friends

Bishop O’Bryne Housing Association

Calgary & District Labour Council

Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts

Calgary Earth Market Society

Calgary Neighbourhoods

Calgary Public Library

Calgary Run For Water

Calgary United Games Association

Calgary Zoo, Botanical Garden & Prehistoric Park

Canadian Cancer Society

Canwest Productions

Canyon Meadows School Council

Capitol Hill Community Association

Carewest-Alberta Health Services

Catholic Family Service

Centre D’appui Familial

Centre for Suicide Prevention

Closer to Home Community Services

Distress Centre

Eugene Coste School Enrichment Society

FAB Events

Fairview Community Association

Festival Society of Marda Loop

Food for Peace

Friends of Fish Creek

Generation Indigenous

Give a Mile

Global FamilyMed Foundation

Heritage Park Historical Society

Hispanic Arts Society

HIV Community Link

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Inn From the Cold

Intercare Corporate Group

Kidney Foundation of Canada – Southern Alberta Branch

Kleos MFG

L’Arche Association of Calgary

Lougheed House

Mahogany HOA Volunteer Committee

Marda Loop Communities Association

Marketplace Events

Mid-Sun Community Association

New Brighton Residents Association

North Glenmore Park Community Centre


Outrun The Stigma

Palliser Bayview Pump Hill Community Association

Parkinson Society Canada-Alberta

Parkland Community Center

Portail de L’immigrant Association


Prostate Cancer Canada

Pulse Studios

Ranchlands Community Association

Rare Genomics Institute Calgary

Renfrew Community Association

Richmond Knob Hill Community Association

Rotary Club of Calgary East

Salvation Army Community Services Calgary

Shamrock Children’s Christmas

Sien Lok Society of Calgary

Silvera for Seniors

Southfour Fastpitch Softball Association

Southwood Community Association

Strathcona Christie Aspen Community Association

Sunrise Community Link Resource Centre

Temple Community Association

The Calgary Board of Education: Cinderella Project

The Hellenic Society of Calgary

THIRD ACTion Film Festival

Ujamaa Grandmas

Urban Productions

Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society

West Hillhurst Community Association

Wildwood Community Association


World Partnership Walk Calgary

WP Puppet Theatre

YYC Food Trucks




Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, Anonymous Donor at the Calgary Foundation, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), The Calgary Foundation

$25, 000 – $49,999

Birdies for Kids, presented by AltaLink, Government of Alberta, TD Bank Group, The Prosser Charitable Foundation


Great-West Life, London Life, and Canada Life, Penny Hume, Roman Catholic Diocese Of Calgary, TELUS, The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited, United Way of Calgary and Area


SMART Technologies


Al Duerr, Anonymous, Art Korpach, Alice Lam, Benevity, Bryce Kapsha, Canadian Western Bank, CanWest Productions Inc., Carmen Cheng, Carolyn Byers, Community Natural Foods, ConocoPhillips Canada, Cremers And Elliott Chartered Accountants, Dean Allatt, Dean Koeller, Discovering Choices School, Elizabeth Lunney, Eric Morris, George Fink, Geri Moon, Green Calgary Association, Greg Quinn, Harry And Martha Cohen Foundation, Inderpal Dhillon, Jane Wu, Jemison Jackson, Jennifer Acevedo, Jo Williams, Jon-Scott Kohli, Julianne Rohel, Karen McIntosh, Keum-Joo Min, Lisa Kindree, Loop’d, Louis Westergard, Lynn Berry, Lynn Rafter, Mahogany Homeowners Association, Marc Brebber, Margaret Bertagnolli, Mars Saad, Mathew Burpee, Matt Grant, Matt Stellick, MEG Energy, Miguel Capriles, Nicholas Iskandar Aramouni, Nick Dimarzo, NRG Research Group, Patti Phelps, Peter Burpee, Raymond To, RBC Foundation, Ros Doi, Rotary Club Of Calgary East, Ruhee Ismail-Teja, Russell Anderson, Ryan Duerr, Sandstone Asset Management Inc., Sean Baylis, Shawn Freeman, Terry Booth, Theresa Dewis, Tirian Eynon, Trung Bien, Tuan Tran, Vicki Switzer, Wentao Li, WinSport, Yisha Pang, Youth Volunteer Corps

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