October Volunteer Honour Roll

03 Nov October Volunteer Honour Roll

What is the Honour Roll? 

The Youth Central Team Leaders (TLs) had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers in October and we would like to recognize these volunteers for their outstanding contributions! Rather than recognize just one Volunteer of the Month, we are recognizing multiple volunteers through an honour roll. This month, we would like to recognize Nikoo Givehchian and Rebekah Brandenburg. These are volunteers that have left a lasting impression on their TLs, on their peers and the community at large. Click their names below to read their full profile. 

Nikoo Givehchian

Nikoo Givehchian 

Nikoo brings a positive presence to projects that help to create a fun and welcoming environment.

Photo courtesy of Nikoo.

She takes initiative to get to know the other volunteers and I am equally impressed with how she interacts with the public. For example, I really appreciated her enthusiasm when working with the kids for Telus Spark Shocktober. There was a station with a giant spider sculpture that shot out a mixture of water and shaving cream while kids would stand underneath with an umbrella. To get the kids engaged, she described the spider as shooting out “evil slime” and that the kids would have to be careful to avoid. Yet, she was also able to encourage the more shy kids to come up and try as well. In general, she demonstrates a great commitment to volunteering as she is also a member of the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) and Youth Are Awesome (YAA) steering committees. She is able to keep up her energy and the energy of others even during long projects. It’s always a pleasure to have her help.” – Richard 

“Nikoo brings a lighthearted persona to every project, which helps newer or nervous volunteers open up at projects. She is always enthusiastic regardless of the task she takes on at projects. I remember Nikoo once hyped guests about a crate contest at the Home and Renovation Show. Nikoo, thank you for bringing positivity and laughter to project, looking forward to working together at future projects.” – Bhu

Rebekah Brandenburg

Rebekah Brandenburg

Something that astounds me is how easily she takes new volunteers under her wing, and acts as a mentor and and a gentle support for the volunteers.

Picture courtesy of Rebekah.

Working with Rebekah on various seniors projects has been a pleasure. She is very approachable and energetic, and engages well with seniors and volunteers alike. More often than not, she immediately jumps in to help without being asked. She is a great volunteer to work with and I am excited to see where her journey will take her!” – Melanie

When I met Rebekah, she blew me away with her commitment at the project. She tends to take on projects that work with seniors, such as Spruce Lodge Manicures. She creates a positive experience for herself, other volunteers and seniors! Rebekah, the work you do is admirable, looking forward to having you on the team again!” – Bhu 

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