November Volunteer Honour Roll

November Volunteer Honour Roll

What is the Honour Roll? 

The Youth Central Team Leaders (TLs) had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers in November and we would like to recognize these volunteers for their outstanding contributions! Rather than recognize just one Volunteer of the Month, we are recognizing multiple volunteers through an honour roll. This month, we would like to recognize Bhargav Peddu, Megan Mack and Rosie Zhao. These are volunteers that have left a lasting impression on their TLs, on their peers and the community at large. Click their names below to read their full profile. 

Bhargav Peddu

Bhargav Peddu

I could tell right away from his positive energy that Bhargav would be a dedicated, hard working, and model volunteer for us at Youth Central.

Photo courtesy of Ayla.

I’ve only had the opportunity to work with Bhargav once at Weeding for Weaselhead, but he made a lasting impression right away. He challenged himself to get as many weeds pulled as possible that day and succeeded. His enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for volunteering motivated all the volunteers and did not go unnoticed. He made everybody feel comfortable, and took the time to genuinely get to know other volunteers. Congratulations Bhargav! I hope to work with you on another project soon!” – Madison 

“Bhargav is a very dedicated and very enthusiastic volunteer. He is always on task and is quick to help once he is done the first task at hand. For example, in the last few weeks at the Families and Schools Together (F&ST) project, he would finish cleaning the tables and then he would run over and take the broom from my hand and say “don’t worry I got it.” He is amazing with kids and I love seeing how he always engages new volunteers and includes them into the conversation. I find that his enthusiasm always encourages the other volunteers to be enthusiastic as well. He really has gone above and beyond to show what it means to be a positive role model and rockstar volunteer! Thank you Bhargav for all your hard work! Congratulations and I hope to have you and your enthusiastic energy on many projects in the future!” – Ayla 

Megan Mack

Megan Mack

Regardless of the project, I have seen her bring a positive energy that helps to make the project enjoyable for everyone.

Photo courtesy of Megan.

“I had Megan for her first project with Youth Central, but it was immediately clear to me that it was not her first time volunteering. She told me that she has volunteered a lot through the Calgary Public Library Reading Buddies program and it shows through how comfortable she is with working with kids. I was impressed with her enthusiasm working with the guests for the Telus Spark Shocktober event. Moreover, I appreciate that she makes the effort to get to know the other volunteers as well. Overall, she’s a great volunteer and a wonderful person to have on your team.” – Richard 

“I had Megan for a couple of Heritage Park Ghoul’s Night Out shifts. For one shift, she stepped in to volunteer knowing that we were short on numbers. I appreciated the time she took to get to know other volunteers, and her inclusivity with talking to everyone during the dinners. Megan brings enthusiasm and positivity to her shifts. She is a very hard-working volunteer. Even when the shift is long or very busy, she maintains her focus and upbeat personality to give every guest the same positive experience. She worked very well with the children at Heritage Park and helped create a great event for both the guests and volunteers despite the low numbers on the project. I loved having the opportunity to work with you, Megan, and hope to see you at another project soon! Congratulations!” – Madison  

Photo courtesy of Madison.

Rosie Zhao

Rosie Zhao

Her patience and gentle personality create a welcoming environment for other volunteers.

Photo courtesy of Rosie.

Rosie is a hardworking and dedicated volunteer. She brings a positive presence to every project. She is self-driven and takes initiative upon herself. She holds confidence in the tasks she takes on. Rosie, it is always a pleasure to have you onsite! Looking forward to future projects!” – Bhu 

“Rosie is a great volunteer because she is a confident individual and helps to support the team wherever it is needed. Besides being a consistent volunteer for volunteer projects, she is also a Junior Editor for the Youth Are Awesome blog and participated in scientific research over the summer. This speaks to her initiative and maturity as an individual and I have faith that she will do well in whatever she chooses to pursue after high school. She brings a warm personality to projects and I always appreciate having her help.” – Richard

Photo courtesy of Bhu.

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