January 2018 Volunteer Honour Roll

January 2018 Volunteer Honour Roll

What is the Honour Roll? 

The Youth Central Team Leaders (TLs) had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers in January and we would like to recognize one volunteer for their outstanding contributions! This month, we would like to recognize Jenny Li as our Volunteer of the Month!  

Jenny Li

Jenny is one of the most polite, friendly and passionate volunteers that I know.

Since the first time I had her for a project, she stood out to me as an individual who genuinely cares about making a positive change in her community. She brings an insightful perspective and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion on issues that matter to her. I’m glad to see her get more and more involved over time. For example, she is now a member of the Youth Volunteer Corps steering committee, the Speak Your Mind Project, Mayor’s Youth Council, and has many other exciting aspirations. I have no doubt that wherever she goes in her future, she will leave a lasting impact.” – Richard

“I had the pleasure of working with Jenny over the summer for the ‘Help the City of Calgary Be a Little Greener’ projects. She is one of the most polite, hardworking and a wonderful volunteer. Having her at the project means that I could give her responsibilities and know that she will carry it out the way perfectly. She is amazing both working independently and in a team setting. She was comfortable with the other volunteers and does not hesitate in communicating her thoughts and ideas. She has stood out as a hardworking volunteer at the Bag Stuffing project and her positiveness is inspiring. I hope she does well in her future endeavors and keeps up the amazing work she has done!” – Sree

“I first met Jenny abou
t a year ago, at that time she was a caring, respectful and helpful volunteer. I got to know Jenny in the summer, where she was a big help in the “Help City of Calgary be Greener” Project. The project ran long and was exhausting, however, I had an energetic and upbeat Jenny every time I team led. This past year, Jenny has helped many youth feel welcomed into the Youth Central Community. Jenny, you have grown so much, you are hardworking, ambitious and kind. Be proud of the work you do :)” – Bhu