May 2018 Volunteer Honour Roll

John Estepa

“John has a warm and friendly demeanor that shows in his interactions with others. He works hard and looks for ways to help the team, and I quickly trusted him to work efficiently without supervision. I look forward to seeing him at future projects!” – Janet, Team Leader

“John is an amazing volunteer who I have had the pleasure of team leading. His enthusiastic and positive attitude towards the tasks asked of him is very admirable. He is able to pick up on his duties easily and quickly and is able to understand the needs of the surroundings and act accordingly. John is calm, collected and gentle in his acts and he is able to have an open communication with others easily. John’s willingness to pick up more duties as well as his ability to communicate is amazing as well. I wish John all the luck for his future endeavors, Good Job John!” – Sree, Team Leader 

Albrian Contreras
“I always look forward to projects when I see that Albrian is signed up as a volunteer. He is very reliable and I always know he will take initiative and try his best at whatever task he tackles. He has a gentle, thoughtful, and collaborative approach to working with people that is very grounding in the midst of chaotic projects. Way to go, Albrian, and keep up the great work!” – Adam, Team Leader

Albrian is a reliable volunteer. He is willing to do any task asked of him and he does it to completion. He is understanding of the needs at the project and able to work through it perfectly. Albrian’s work ethic is shown throughout and I am never not impressed by it. He is able to communicate with the his peers well and has no problem asking for help or offering help when needed. He is a quiet team player but he gets things done wonderfully. I hope Albrian keeps working hard to achieve his dream. You deserve it Albrian, Good Job!” – Sree, Team Leader

” Albrian is calm and collected at projects. At first glance, I can see that he has a good head on his shoulders. He is someone who I know I can rely on and can be trusted to work independently. I am excited to see how far Albrian will go in the future. Congratulations, Albrian!” – Melanie, Team Leader