Are you ready for a challenge this Summer?

Take the pledge to volunteer 50 hours over July and August with Youth Central’s Youth Volunteer Corps program and we’ll waive your annual $50 registration fee!

You’ll get to help out a variety of different organizations this summer, and in return, you’ll have access to a full year of Youth Central’s volunteer projects along with the opportunity to join our eight other programs! It’s a win win situation.

*You must volunteer at least 3 shifts for Summer day camps (Between Friends Camp Bonaventure, Winsport, Salvation Army Camps, Discovery House etc.)*

If you’re already a volunteer with Youth Central

Send an email to saying you want in on the Summer pledge! We’ll add you to the list, and if you complete the pledge your registration fee won’t be payable again until September 2019!

If you’ve never volunteered with Youth Central before

Sign up as a volunteer here. When you fill out the application form, check the box that indicates you want to take the pledge. We’ll also need a parental consent form.

If you’ve already paid for your registration fee for next year

Meet the requirements of the pledge and we’ll reimburse you!

WinSport Summer Camps!


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