June 2018 Volunteer Honour Roll

What is the Honour Roll? 

The Youth Central Team Leaders (TLs) had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers in June and we would like to recognize two volunteers for their outstanding contributions! This month, we would like to recognize Dhananjay Patki and Maddie Bergdoll as our Volunteer of the Month!  

Dhananjay Patki

“Dhan has one of the most positive, can-do attitudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. I’m always impressed by his willingness to jump right into projects and his ability to put a positive spin on everything, regardless of the circumstances. His friendliness towards other volunteers is a quality that brings a great energy to the projects and I know that I can count on him to include people. Dhan is the kind of volunteer that inspires people to see the bright side in everything and I am very grateful to have gotten the chance to work with him.” – Cristina, Team Leader

Dhananjay is someone who is always positive no matter the situation or tasks that must be accomplished, and he always provides help. His willingness and proactive-ness to help out at projects is admirable and he becomes a role model at the project. I found his positive attitude to be infectious, and it makes the project all the more enjoyable. Thank you, Dhan, for all you do!” – Melanie, Team Leader

Maddie Bergdoll

“Maddie is great to work with on projects. She brings maturity, leadership, and initiative. Her positive attitude and willingness to volunteer for tasks is always greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with Maddie again!” – Adam, Team Leader

“Maddie is an awesome volunteer. I met her recently at a project and quickly realized how dedicated and passionate she was in her volunteer role. She interacted kindly with her fellow volunteers and our agency contacts on site. Her gentle conversations made her approachable. Maddie, keep up the great work. You are a lovely mentor. Hope to see you around in the summer!” – Bhu, Team Leader

“Maddie had a lasting impression on me ever since the first project that I had with her. I had the opportunity to work with her on a Seniors home project, and I was very impressed by her maturity and ease with interacting with the residents. She has an upbeat and caring person that can lift anyone’s spirit. She impacts the project, as well as the people around her, through the positive energy she puts into the world. Her happiness to be at projects and complete any task humbles me. Maddie thank you for your kind spirit. I truly believe you have the potential to make a big impact on this world. I hope to work with you on another project soon!” – Madison, Team Leader