December Volunteer Honour Roll

December Volunteer Honour Roll

The Volunteer Honour Roll is an opportunity for our youth volunteers to be recognized by their peers and Team Leaders. These volunteers have shown a tremendous amount of effort, positivity, and leadership over the past month, and we want to celebrate them!

Jimmy Kim

“Jimmy brings diligence and a teamwork mentality to the projects and is very easy to work with.” – Sree Nair, Team Leader

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“Jimmy is always a ton of fun to have on projects! Although he is fairly new to Youth Central, he has made a tremendous impact in just a few months and his hard work and positivity are unforgettable. Whether he is serving food at Salvation Army projects or taking down tents for the Kidney March, he always does so with a smile, putting in full effort. Congratulations on this honour, Jimmy! Keep being amazing!” – Tanis Brown, Team Leader

“Jimmy is such an amazing volunteer. He is quick to make friends and is energetic and creates a welcoming environment at the projects. His wonderful attitude almost hides the fact hat he is a new volunteer to Youth Central. He brings forth an outstanding enthusiasm at each and every project and he always does an amazing job at every task he is asked of. Jimmy brings diligence and a teamwork mentality to the projects and is very easy to work with. He is a great addition to the team and I enjoy working with Jimmy! Keep up the good work and congratulations Jimmy!” – Sree Nair, Team Leader

Connor Lang

“Connor has consistently been one of the most positive and hard-working volunteers in Youth Central.” – Tanis Brown, Team Leader

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“Connor is a fantastic volunteer to have at a project. I had had the pleasure of working with Connor on various projects and always he is energetic, kind, approachable, and always willing to help. He is a major asset to any team, and I always get excited to see him at a project. He is devoted to any project he is working on, and it shows through his work. Great job, Connor, this has been a long time to come and I am so happy to nominate you!” – Melanie Sing, Team Leader

“The only reason that Connor had not already received this nomination is that he is so great that we had all assumed he would have gotten it long ago! Connor has consistently been one of the most positive and hard working volunteers in Youth Central. He leaves a noticable difference wherever he goes and the impact he makes on others in both a volunteer and personal capacity is not soon forgotten. Connor is undescribably amazing and such a joy to have on any project. Keep being fantastic Connor, I am so glad we’ve finally recognized you!” – Tanis Brown, Team Leader

“Connor is wonderful to work with and is always a great addition to the team. He is friendly to the TL and his peers alike. His enthusiasm to volunteer is truly phenomenal and he is cheerful and willing to assist with any task. Good job Connor and congratulations to you!” – Sree Nair, Team Leader