January Volunteer Honour Roll

January Volunteer Honour Roll

The Volunteer Honour Roll is an opportunity for our youth volunteers to be recognized by their peers and Team Leaders. These volunteers have shown a tremendous amount of effort, positivity, and leadership over the past month, and we want to celebrate them!

Melody Oidi

“Melody is a prime example of a youth central volunteer and is always taking her responsibility seriously.” – Sree, Team Leader

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“Melody is an amazing volunteer to work with. She has grown tremendously from being a shy quiet volunteer to someone who is comfortable leading a conversation in a group setting. Her growth is obvious in her ability to put herself out there and welcome other volunteers. She is a prime example of a Youth Central volunteer and is always taking her responsibility seriously. I am able to leave Melody with a task and know that it will be done well beyond perfect. I have only good experiences working with Melody and I hope to work with her more in the future. Good job Melody 🙂 !!” – Sree, Team Leader

“Melody absolutely deserves to be recognized. Her dedication, growth, and contribution to the community throughout her involvement with Youth Central are inspiring. I have had the opportunity to work with Melody at a range of projects from summer camps, to projects focusing on social issues, but Salvation Army Summer Camps is where she really stood out to me. I trusted her to lead a group of kids, and she really excelled in her position. She showed amazing leadership. She initiated leading games with her kids during down time, leading crafts, and helping campers in any activity they needed. I had great trust in her with the kids. She clearly formed a great bond with her group over the course of the week and was an amazing role model and friend to the campers. I had a conversation with Melody recently about how much she has grown. I am so happy to reward her, and let her know that all of her team leaders have seen this too. Congratulations Melody!”  – Madison, Team Leader