April Volunteer Honour Roll

April notebook

April Volunteer Honour Roll

The Volunteer Honour Roll is an opportunity for our youth volunteers to be recognized by their peers and Team Leaders. These volunteers have shown a tremendous amount of effort, positivity, and leadership over the past month, and we want to celebrate them!

Ayushma Nath

“Ayushma is a delight at the project. She is quick to make friends with her peers and is very friendly with the guests. Ayushma brings a positive and welcoming attitude at projects and I am always happy to have her for my shifts. Good luck Ayushma, keep up the good work!” – Sree, Team Leader

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Ayushma is such a positive volunteer to have at projects! She is very outgoing and is flexible with whatever task she is given. She makes the most out of every task, and always gives her 110%. I have seen her excel in situations outside of her comfort zone. It has been a pleasure to already see her grow as a person throughout projects. She is polite and friendly to everyone and helps form a positive volunteer environment. Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination! ” – Madison, Team Leader

Ayushma is very enthusiastic and sociable at her projects. She is great at including and engaging other volunteers, as well as members of the community at our projects. Thank you for all your hard work Ayushma!”  – Afrida, Team Leader

Brandon Payne

“Brandon showed such a strong work ethic at my project and was always happy to help out wherever needed. He took initiative to jump in where needed and took the time to converse with other volunteers and guests at the event. Congratulations Brandon and all the best to you!” – Madison, Team Leader

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Brandon is a relatively new volunteer however his enthusiasm and his positive attitude hs made him an outstanding volunteer at Youth Central. Through my experience working with Brandon, he is wonderful at entertaining his peers as well as the seniors and goes above and beyond in interacting with them. Congratulations Brandon ! Keep it up ! ” – Sree, Team Leader

Humna Maryam

“Humna’s energy is contagious at projects! Her cheerfulness is a breath of fresh air. She is outspoken and willing to pitch her ideas to the group that benefits our volunteer work. Humna is great to work with, and I encourage her to continue bringing forth her ideas to the group. Good work, Humna!” – Melanie, Team Leader

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Humna’s enthusiasm and joyful attitude are unmatched at projects. She brings hype to the projects and is always enthusiastic about projects. Humna’s friendly attitude has her making friends with not only the volunteers but seniors as well as the ladies at Ujamaa’s Grandmas. Humna is wonderful at completing tasks and helps out her peers when she senses that they need help. Although very young, Humna has shown great volunteerism. Good job Humna, keep being awesome !” – Ryan, Team Leader

Humna definitely elevates a project with her outgoing personality and plethora of energy. She is very open with sharing her ideas which have come in handy during the projects that I’ve done with her. She has a talent in connecting with other volunteers. Humna is a great addition to any project. Good work!! ”  – Calla, Team Leader