Spring Grant Recipients Chosen!

Spring Grant Recipients Chosen!

After many after-school meetings and hours of discussion, our Calgary Youth Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of their spring grant cycle!

Wait, what’s the Calgary Youth Foundation and the spring grant cycle?
The Calgary Youth Foundation (CYF) began in 1994 as the first program of its kind in Canada with a purpose to turn dreams into reality. Involving youth in a hands-on approach to philanthropy, the Calgary Youth Foundation provides youth with an opportunity to create positive change in their community by allocating grants to community projects. The next grant cycle will be in October 2019 – stay tuned! Find out more here.

We are excited to see how these projects will come to life and benefit more youth in Calgary! Congratulations to the recipients and thank you to all who applied.

Calgary Dolphin Swim Club

The Calgary Dolphin Swim Club allows the opportunity for more swimmers with Down Syndrome to access swim instructions and to practice, with coaching, and swim strokes. Athletes are always involved in any club decision making, they frequently attend executive meetings and their opinions are always welcomed in team planning and organizing team building and social events for the team, in addition to participating at community swim meets.

With a grant of $2,000 from our Calgary Youth Foundation, the Calgary Dolphin Swim Club will purchase uniforms or goggles to create a sense of unity among all the team members in their summer swim camp. Summer swim camp allows the opportunity for athletes to bridge the conditioning and swimming gap when the club is not operating. Read more about the Calgary Dolphin Swim Club here.

Uplift: High School Preparation

Uplift’s goal is to help junior high students transition into senior high school in a smooth and steady way. They offer services in two major aspects of high school: academic and extracurriculars.

With a grant of $700 from our Calgary Youth Foundation, Uplift will run English and Math courses for students who do not have the time or the funds to access traditional tutors over the summer in order to prepare students for their upcoming school year. They will be providing one-on-one and group sessions to all their students. Read more about the Uplift here.

Gurl Talk

Gurl Talk provides a safe space for young girls from immigrant families, ages 9-13, where they can learn to cope with specific challenges while building a community. Themed monthly meetings operate throughout the school year, which encourages girls to work on their academic and interpersonal goals, leadership and event planning skills and gives them the opportunity to connect with professional resources. Gurl talk provides young girls with a community, whereby they are connected to other young girls who may be going through similar circumstances and situations, ultimately, increasing their social networks and support systems.

With a $1,000 grant from our Calgary Youth Foundation, Gurl Talk is hoping to expand their programs as they know the demand for spots is growing.