Your Volunteer Checklist | Summer ’19

yvc summer 19 campaign photo

Your Volunteer Checklist | Summer ’19

First things first, congratulations on finishing school. That was quite a year – but you did it! Seriously, way to go.

We’re sure you’re as stoked for summer as we are, what kind of plans do you have? Travelling, cool. Hanging out with your friends, sweet. Working a summer gig, right on. What about spending some time volunteering?

Right now, if you sign up to become a YVC volunteer you’ll get 14 months access to our volunteer project database (that’s right, 2 months free!). Our volunteer project database allows you to search and sign-up for volunteer opportunities that interest you. Meaning you can spend your summer volunteering for something you’re passionate about while making a big impact in our Calgary community.

Speaking about big impact, you can take on our SPF 50 Challenge. The first 50 volunteers to complete their 50 volunteer hours through July and August and volunteer for at least two Summer Day Camps, will be reimbursed their registration fee.  To participate you’ll have to sign-up to take the Challenge on your volunteer profile. For those of you who have already paid your 2019-2020 registration fee, please email if you’d like to participate in the Challenge. For those of you just signing up to become a YVC volunteer, please check ‘YES’ when prompted to participate in the Challenge. 

So what else is in it for you? Other than a warm fuzzy feeling similar to the one you get when watching a #dogsofinstagram video, you’ll get to try out SO MANY different opportunities, meet friends, and have a good ol’ time.

Here’s Your Volunteer Checklist for Summer ’19:

    • Volunteer serving food to the homeless

    • Volunteer for a market

    • Volunteer twice for a Summer Camp (Between Friend Camp Bonaventure, Between Friends Camp NE, or Summer in the City with Closer to Home)*

    • Make a new friend

    • Figure out a few things you’re really passionate about

    • Snap a pic and tag us @youthcentral and #YVCSummer19 on Instagram

    • And of course, have fun!

*To participate in the SPF 50 Challenge you must complete this activity