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General Questions

What is Youth Central?

Through various initiatives, Youth Central provides youth the opportunity to volunteer, serve on steering committees, voice their opinions to business leaders and politicians, learn about the diversity in their community, serve on a youth foundation and develop citizenship skills. Youth Central achieves its mission by way of nine innovative programs and events – each with a different focus on youth engagement.


But you just provide volunteering, is it really that big of a deal? Can’t I just volunteer on my own?

Youth Central connects with community agencies to ensure that Youth Volunteer Corps projects are safe and meaningful for youth. Often, volunteer projects outside of the ones Youth Central provides have limitations for youth; they can require parental supervision or have age restrictions. We remove the limitations and open doors to agencies and projects you may not have heard about. We also provide a paid team leader over the age of 18 to supervise each project. These team leaders have completed a police and intervention record check and are first aid certified.

Youth Central also has several opportunities for youth step up as leaders and serve on steering committees. These youth are the decision-makers; they are at the forefront of design, implementation of ideas and direction of Youth Central’s programs.


How old do you have to be to join Youth Central?

Youth Central provides opportunities to youth that are 12 – 18 years of age.

Youth Questions

I want to sign up for a project but I can’t.  

This might be for a few reasons:

  • You aren’t an approved Youth Central volunteer.   This means you haven’t submitted a completed Parental/Guardian consent form, haven’t paid the registration fee or contacted Executive Director Penny Hume in regards to modified payment schedules for the registration fee OR you haven’t completed all of the necessary information on your profile (i.e. birthday, month, year, parent and emergency contact information or whether you are completing court-ordered mandatory service hours)
  • There are some projects where volunteers have to be 14 and older to sign-up for.
  • The project is full.  If there is a locked symbol next to the project, you will be unable to sign up, but can add yourself to the backup list.


I haven’t heard from a Team Leader about a project and I need more information.

Please click on the “Assignments” tab located on the main page of your volunteer account. Drag your mouse over the project name to see more information about the project including the address and Google map. Team Leaders are required to contact all volunteers via email/phone two to three days prior to the project.


How do I register to be a part of Youth Central?

Go here and create a registered account.


I volunteered at a project yesterday and I don’t see any volunteer hours.

Team Leaders enter volunteer hours for summer camps at the end of the week. For any non-camp projects, hours will be entered within 48 hours of the project.


When I login, I see opportunities for the Calgary Public Library, but don’t see Youth Central?

Youth Central uses the Volunteer Squared database and as such is utilized by other organizations in Calgary and Canada. If you have an existing Volunteer Squared account and want to join Youth Central, click on the ‘New Volunteers’ link and when the system asks if you have an existing Volunteer Squared account, say yes and proceed to completing the Youth Central questions.


I volunteered for a project today and I can’t log my hours.

Only Youth Central staff have the ability to log volunteer hours. If after two days your hours still haven’t been recorded, please contact the Youth Central office.


How do I remove myself from a project I already confirmed?

In order to remove yourself from a volunteer project, either contact your Team Leader (if you know who he or she is) or contact the Youth Central office at 403-266-5448 or Keep in mind that any cancellations made 72 hours for less are considered a no-show and will be documented on your profile.


My team leader says I have a no-show from a project; what does that mean?

Volunteers that do not provide a minimum of 72 hours notification when cancelling a project they have confirmed are considered a no-show and will be documented on a volunteer’s profile. Any amount of no-shows can lead to denied references in the future. For more information about no-shows and the Youth Central Volunteer Code, please click here.


How many hours can I expect to volunteer with YVC or on a steering committee?

With YVC, you can volunteer as much or as little as you like. Each steering committee has different hourly requirements, ranging from a few to several hours per month. For more information a specific steering committee, contact


How many youth are normally on a steering committee?

It ranges from 5 to 35 youth, depending on which committee you choose.

Is the Kahanoff Centre accessible by transit?

Yes. It is roughly an 8 minute walk from the Victoria Park LRT station. Here are walking directions.

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Parent Questions


How do I know my children are safe?

We provide a paid team leader over the age of 18 to supervise each project. All staff, including team leaders, have completed a police and intervention record check and are first aid certified.


Community Agency Questions


What is a partner organization? Why do I want to become one?
Partnering with Youth Central offers numerous benefits, including volunteer recruitment services. For more information, click here. Email if you would like to become a partner.


How do I request Youth Central volunteers?

If you’re a non-profit or community organization looking for a group of eight or more volunteers to help out with an event or project, please click on the link below to submit a project proposal.


Funder Questions

Is Youth Central a charity? Or a non-profit? 

Youth Central is a charitable not-for-profit organization that relies on donations. We are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, charitable registration #899067748RR0001. Tax receipts are provided for all donors.


How do I make a donation?

Donations can be made at any time through Canada Helps – click here. There are several other ways to support us – find out more here.


How is Youth Central funded?

Youth Central is funded by a variety of sources, including businesses, corporations, foundations, government and generous individuals. To see a full list of funders, click here.


Where does my donation go?

Your donation goes to support Youth Central’s day-to-day operations, helping us inspire, engage and celebrate youth in many ways. You can also support a specific program.