Signing-up for any YVC project indicates your agreement that you have understood and will adhere to the following policies of the YVC program:

Youth Central Volunteer Code


    1. Volunteers are expected to respect the team leader and their fellow volunteers.

    2. Volunteers are expected to dress and behave appropriately at all Youth Central projects and events.

    3. Any misbehaviour at a project by a volunteer will be dealt with in the following order:
      – a discussion and verbal warning by a Team Leader
      – a second verbal warning by a Team Leader
      – dismissal from the project with no assigned hours

    4. Volunteers are expected to give at least 72 hours notification to cancel. Anything less will be treated as a “no show”. If you sign up for a project within the 72 hour time window, cancellation will automatically result in a no show, whether or not you have been contacted by the team leader. “No shows” are being tracked. One “no show” will not have any impact on a volunteer’s account. Two “no shows” will result in a volunteer’s account being deactivated for one month. Three “no shows” will result in a phone call from the YVC Program Coordinator to discuss a volunteer’s future with Youth Central. Even one “no show” without an adequate excuse can lead to denied letters of reference or phone references.

    5. Volunteers are expected to inform the team leader if they need to leave the project site for any reason. If an issue arises it is the responsibility of the volunteer to inform the team leader first.

    6. Volunteers are expected to engage and stay on task during a project. Team leaders will assign hours based on the work and commitment they see.

    7. All technological devices (eg. Cell phones, iPods etc.) must be turned off and put away during a volunteer project.

    8. Volunteers are expected to participate in the ice breaker and wrap-up activities prior to and at the end of a project.

    9. Volunteers who are more than 30 minutes late to a project may be given a no show and sent home from the project (on a case by case basis). We appreciate that there are circumstances outside of your control in being able to attend projects on time, however please be in touch with the Team Leader in that case, as being late may potentially impact the volunteer project as a whole.