RBC Initiative



Youth Central, in support with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), has launched a province-wide youth engagement initiative. This initiative aims to increase the level of youth engagement in communities across Alberta through our resources and online webinars. We want to inspire youth across the province to become more engaged within their communities and become leaders who take action and inspire others.


Our webinars are available online and range from starting a youth council to how to create volunteer projects that are engaging for youth. We want to become a resource for communities, schools, and organizations who want to engage young people in a meaningful way. In addition to our webinars, we offer presentations for a youth audience presented by our In-school Coordinator. Our In-school Coordinator engages young people through a personal narrative about volunteering and how selfless acts has impacted their life and the lives of others.


Youth Central believes volunteerism is an essential part of education. Being actively involved in the community at a young age creates caring, informed and engaged citizens that carry these traits into adulthood. Young people who volunteer gain valuable skills in teamwork, leadership, compassion, decision-making and communication. The skills translate into assets that will help prepare youth for the workforce and post-secondary education.

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