Registration Fee FAQ

Please note that Youth Central has implemented an annual registration fee of $50.00 per year for all Youth Central volunteers to help cover costs associated with programming.This will be in effect at any point throughout the year, with an annual registration renewal date of September.
1. Q: Why has Youth Central introduced a registration fee for volunteers?
A: Introducing a registration fee is not a decision that Youth Central has made lightly. Youth Central has relied on generous donations to offer programming over the years; however, due to the current economic climate in Calgary, we are facing a significant budget shortfall. While these changes are necessary to ensure the long term sustainability of Youth Central, they will also ensure that our programs not only continue to be available to all local youth, but are stronger than ever.
2. Q: What is the cost of the registration fee?
A: $50.00 annually, non-refundable
3. Q: Who will this effect?
A: All new and existing Youth Central volunteers
4. Q: What are the benefits of registering with Youth Central?
– Access to Youth Central community based volunteer projects through our database (over 500 projects every year)
– Monthly newsletter with scholarship opportunities, YVC opportunities, Youth Central news
– Youth Central t-shirt included in cost of registration (must be picked up at Youth Central office during office hours, M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)
– After accumulating 20 hours, you may request a maximum of 2 reference letters during a program year
– Volunteer Recognition (including invitation to events, opportunity to be profiled as Volunteer of the Month, you may be asked to participate in interviews when media is profiling Youth Central)
– Access to Youth Central organized workshops
– The option to rent our Youth Central office space (will be considered on a case by case basis)
– When you join Youth Central, you become an active participant in shaping our community. Upon graduation you are welcome and encouraged to stay connected with us and future initiatives as a valuable member of our alumni network.
5. Q: What if I cannot afford to pay the registration fee in full?
A: For more information about this registration fee, please contact our Executive Director, Penny Hume, at 403.266.5448. Modified payment schedules may be available in special circumstances.

6.Q: Is this a one-time registration fee or will there be an annual charge?
A: All new volunteers will be required to pay this registration fee prior to being approved on the Youth Central database. This will be in effect at any point throughout the year, with an annual registration renewal date of September.
7.Q: What if I sign up in June? Is the cost the same?
A: If you sign up after June 1st, your registration is due immediately, however you will NOT be required to pay again in September of that year. Your registration will be valid until September the following year.
i.e. If you sign up June 1st 2016, the next time you would pay your annual registration fee is September 2017.
8.Q: How will the registration fees be collected?
A: Payment of the $50 registration fee will be required before a volunteer will be accepted and able to access the volunteer database. This will operate much like the current parental consent form on the database. Until the fee has been paid in full, the volunteer will remain in a pending status. Credit card payment will be collected through PayPal (existing volunteers will receive a link and going forward it will be part of the sign up process). Please note you do not require a PayPal account to use a credit card to provide payment. Youth Central will also accept cheques (made payable to Youth Central and mailed to the Youth Central office: 820, 105 – 12th Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta T2G 1A1). If you are mailing a cheque, please include the name of the volunteer the registration fee payment is for in the memo section of the cheque.

If you’d like to submit your credit card payment via PayPal now, please click here.

9.Q: Is there an additional cost for joining a Youth Central steering committee?
A: Yes. As in the past all members of Youth Central steering committees must also be registered as a volunteer with the Youth Central database. The flat registration fee for all volunteers is $50. Committee members will also be expected to fundraise a minimum of $50/steering committee joined, in additional funds by January 4th. Once the new members of the youth volunteer steering committees have been selected in the fall, the Program Coordinator will discuss appropriate options and or methods of fundraising.
10. Q: Where does my money go/what is my registration fee put towards?
The money from the registration fee will go towards supporting Youth Central, a charitable non-profit, and the Youth Volunteer Corps program costs. These funds will ensure the long term sustainability of Youth Central and its programs, ensuring they not only continue to be available to all local youth, but are stronger than ever.
11. Q: Is the annual registration fee eligible for a tax receipt?
No. Unfortunately Youth Central cannot issue a tax receipt for the cost of the registration fee, as it is not deemed a gift by the Canada Revenue Agency. For more information on what qualifies for a tax receipt, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency.
12. Q: Will volunteers be required to re-register every year to work with Youth Central?
A: Following the initial registration, volunteers will be prompted annually (in September) to confirm whether they would like to continue volunteering with Youth Central. If they choose to continue then they will be required to pay the annual registration fee of $50 but they will not have to re-enter their volunteer profile information or resubmit their parental consent form. If they choose not to continue, then their volunteer profile will be deactivated accordingly and appropriate notification will be sent.
13. Q: How will I know when my account has officially been deactivated?
A: If you have opted not to continue volunteering with Youth Central, and you have not paid your fees by January 4th 2016, you will receive email notification to verify that your account has been deactivated. You will no longer have access to the volunteer database.
14. Q: If I am currently a Youth Central volunteer, will the annual registration fee be automatically renewed on the credit card I provided?

A: Your registration fee will not be renewed automatically on your credit card. You will be contacted by email each year to pay the registration fee and you have the option not to re-register with Youth Central.
15. Q: As a current volunteer, who as a result of the new fee, has opted not to continue with Youth Central, am I still able to request confirmation of my previous service with Youth Central?
A: Yes. Please follow up with the appropriate Program Coordinator.
If you’d like to submit your credit card payment via PayPal now, please click here.