Youth Volunteer Corps Project Proposal

Please note the following:


1. Submit all project proposals a MINIMUM of 4 WEEKS prior to your project.


2. Our minimum number of volunteers utilized is 8.


3. Our volunteer base is diverse and our projects must be inclusive as well, as we don’t want to exclude anyone from participating.


Please note that the full project proposal must be submitted at once. To ensure your work isn’t lost, please save a copy elsewhere.   If after clicking the submit button you are redirected to a Thank You for Submitting page, we have received your proposal. If you do not see that page, we haven’t received your submission, so please try again.


If you are having difficulties with the online form, please fill out the Project Proposal Form in Word format and email it to

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If you have any documents that are relevant to the project, including emergency procedures, fire exit plan, maps, etc., please upload them here.