Volunteer in Profile: Sabrina Yu

Sabrina Yu Sabrina Yu joined Youth Central after getting involved with the volunteer club at her school. Since then, she’s taken on a leadership role as the Student Leader for her club, running all of the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) club meetings, leading volunteer activities for the students in the club and encouraging students to make a difference through volunteerism.
Why did you begin volunteering with us?
I began volunteering with Youth Central through the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) club at Dr.EP Scarlett High School. The club introduced me to the organization, and I was really excited by the wide range of projects available to volunteer with.
What is your favourite part about it?
My favorite part about volunteering with Youth Central is connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds. You can help kids with activities at Heritage Park one day, and then help serve homeless people at the Drop In Centre the next day! I love that Youth Central has provided me with the opportunity to help in many different areas such as sports, health, and children.
What do you get out of volunteering?
The satisfaction of helping others is immensely rewarding. Working in a team and managing school projects has been a valuable experience that has helped me in my school and extracurricular activities.

Do you have any specific goals when it comes to volunteering?

My personal goal for volunteering is to focus my time more on the sport projects for volunteering. As student leader of my school’s YVC Club, my goal is to introduce as many of my peers to Youth Central as possible!

What might you say to any peers thinking of getting involved?

Youth Central is the perfect way for youth to get involved in their community and city. The time commitment is flexible, and there is a project that will fit anyone’s interests. Join your school’s YVC Club to connect with others that are also thinking of getting involved, and contribute back to your school and community!