The Joy4All initiative was created by Ever Active Schools to spread positivity and a sense of belonging to those isolated in quarantine. Specifically, this was for Seniors, one of the most hard-hit groups of people during those times. The volunteers within Ever Active Schools’ Recreational Leadership Class cared deeply for those vulnerable people and wanted to look out for their mental health and wellness. Thus, the seed was planted for a hotline, where Seniors and different age groups could call in and receive jokes, positive messages, and inspiring quotes. Since then, the project grew tremendously and Ever Active Schools was looking for a partner to take on the project.

Youth Central is thrilled to take on the Joy4All project with our Youth Volunteer Corps volunteers providing content for the phone line in 2022. 

Looking for a little joy today? Call 403-209-4300 or 1-877-569-4255. Your joy is our joy!


Youth Can Vote Calgary is a youth-driven, youth-involved web based project that provides non-partisan, election related resources to students interested in learning about and participating in the municipal election process. 

This is accomplished through three means: 

1. Youth Can Vote Town Halls where candidates for Councillor are invited to attend Town Halls hosted by schools, where youth can ask Councillors questions about the issues that matter to them.

2. The Youth Can Vote website, which is updated with news articles and resources for classrooms and teachers to utilize to keep up to date on the municipal election. 

3. Mock polling stations on Election Day, where youth can cast their ballots for Councillor and Mayor. Teachers tally the results and submit them on the Youth Can Vote website where they will be tabulated for Youth Can Vote election results.