TD Youth Earth Ambassadors Host E-Recycling Drive

A huge thank you to eCycle Solutions for donating their services to the TD Youth Earth Ambassadors’ electronics recycling drive!

Written by two members of the TD Youth Earth Ambassadors, Paul & Aster:
As part of the Youth Earth Ambassador’s electronics recycling event during Youth Week, we collected electronics during lunch hour in Western Canada High School’s main foyer. In order to promote this event, we requested the help from our school’s environment club to make school-wide announcements throughout the week. We utilized Facebook to raise awareness for the event by posting in student Facebook groups. Additionally, we used word of mouth to spread the event by personally asking fellow students for donations. By the end of the drive, we collected a total of approximately 25 to 30 items including: a small monitor, a used laptop, a radio, portable DVD players, a camera, phones, wires and chargers. Our principal thought that this event would be a great way for the students at Western Canada to become more aware of their electronics consumption and help the environment by reducing their impact through recycling. As a result, the event was supported and encouraged by our school. Thanks to eCycle Solutions!