Our Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) celebrated YVC Day this Saturday, March 4 at the Marda Loop Community Association Centre. The YVC hosted a carnival for developmentally disabled children up to the age of 12 with their families. This wonderful event was to help celebrate YVC Day and Youth Volunteer Corps 30th anniversary. YVC affiliates throughout North America volunteered on the same day and the same time to celebrate YVC Day. This project was modeled after one of the very first YVC projects, over 30 years ago, to volunteer with developmentally disabled children.

Youth Central’s YVC volunteers partnered with Between Friends for the Carnival YVC Day. There were 22 youth volunteers who helped run the carnival and provided an inclusive opportunity for the children to have fun. There was a photo booth, crafts table, a bouncy house and other carnival games at the event where all of the children were able to participate fully. Our youth volunteers were there to help support the participants and also encourage them to play games. The entire community centre was decorated with balloons, streamers, and photographs of past YVC volunteers and projects.

“It’s heart warming to see everyone having so much fun at this event,” Marina Tonnellier, Program Coordinator of Youth Volunteer Corps said. “The kids of YVC put a lot of work into the event. It’s great we’re celebrating with Between Friends. We’re giving back but also celebrating the awesome things YVC does throughout the year in Calgary.”

Youth Central’s YVC is a gold level affiliate, one of 15 affiliates with this honour, within the YVC community. In 2016, our YVC program had 545 youth volunteers who worked on 783 projects in Calgary. They volunteered over 25,572 hours! Our YVC help represent Youth Central in the community. With all of their volunteer projects and initiatives, we know they are doing great things in our city.

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