September 2018 Volunteer Honour Roll

September 2018 Volunteer Honour Roll

What is the Honour Roll? 

The Youth Central Team Leaders (TLs) had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers in September and we would like to recognize two volunteers for their outstanding contributions! This month, we would like to recognize Elnaz Enayatpour and Yuliana Sanchez as our Volunteers of the Month!  

Elnaz Enayatpour

“Elnaz created an exciting experience for her campers at Winsport Sports and Adventure Summer camps. Over the course of the week, she demonstrated growth in both her leadership skills and interpersonal skills as she used different strategies to engage with her group. Very well done Elnaz!” – Anthonia

“Elnaz is a wonderful volunteer. At Winsport, sport and adventure summer camps, her enthusiasm and dedication to volunteering were noticeable. Although Elnaz had a challenging group at camp, she pulled through with great leadership and her senior instructor had nothing but words of encouragement for her. Elnaz is quiet in the beginning but she finds her comfort within the group quickly and is able to bond and work as a team during projects. Elnaz has done a wonderful job at leading by example of being a good Youth Central volunteer numerous times. I hope she continues to grow and amaze me with her positive and outgoing attitude! Good work Elnaz!” – Sree

“Elnaz did an incredible job at the Farmers and Makers Market. She took initiative and wasn’t afraid to engage market attendees, she worked quickly and efficiently during set up and take down, and she showed leadership potential. The market organizers also noticed, and said she’s welcome to join their team as an individual volunteer!” – Janet

Yuliana Sanchez

“Yuliana is always a pleasure to have on projects. She is welcoming and inclusive of all volunteers in the group and makes a noticeable effort to connect with agency clients with warmth and kindness. Regardless of the task, she always puts in her best effort and it makes a real difference. Yuliana brings her bright smile to projects, whether she is doing Green Team at Marda Gras, serving dinner to the homeless population at Food for Peace, or even when cutting a gigantic bag of onions and tearing up! She takes initiative on projects and does it all while helping others to have fun. Keep on being your amazing self, Yuliana!” – Tanis

“I have only had Yuliana for a few projects but her positivity and her welcoming attitude was outstanding. Yuliana is an amazing volunteer who is reliable and her willingness to be flexible with her tasks is admirable. She has been an amazing part of the team and I hope she continues to spread her positivity and her enthusiasm for a long time! Good job Yuliana!” – Sree