Mayor’s Youth Council

In existence since 1992, the Mayor’s Youth Council (MYC), a partnership between Youth Central and The City of Calgary, represents the voice of Calgary’s youth.

For youth interested in: Politics, current issues, youth engagement
What we do:

The Mayor’s Youth Council of Calgary:

• Provides a platform and resources for youth to have their voice heard and effect change in their community

• Aims to engage youth in their communities and represents youth in regards to issues that matter to them

• Creates a city where the unique youth perspective contributes to creating a strong and sustainable community

The MYC is chosen in early fall and is divided into subcommittees based on abilities and interests. They meet as a large group monthly and as subcommittees once a week.

We are currently recruiting for the Mayor’s Youth Council for 2018 – 2019, please click here to fill out the preliminary application

To get involved or for more information, contact: Ros Doi, Program Director, at

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